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The art of

                Luxury weddings

Who are we?

We are MegaDay. We are a team of professionals in love with their job! Dreamers, optimists, thoughtful organizers, perfectionist decorators, charming host, energetic musicians, inspired artists of their art give unforgettable emotions and make your moments stay with you forever!


We create unique weddings, inspired by your emotions, desires, dreams and feelings! We do this with love and accuracy, not missing a single detail, thinking through every little thing and carefully treating your wishes. We approach each wedding celebration, regardless of its level and budget, as a large and festive event of great importance! Indeed, for our beloved newlyweds, it is such.


We are not limited to the standard set of services that exist in each company, because we use only a personalised approach, take into account the hobbies and interests of each partner of newlyweds. In addition, we are used to using the latest technology, and only fresh ideas. Therefore, each wedding project for us is a new, unique story, not similar to the previous ones, like its main participants.



Our team has absolutely everything - participants of wedding processes who returned to our agency- hosts, musicians, directors, managers, photographers. This means that each unit of the team is sincerely in love with their professional activities. Thanks to us, preparing for the wedding becomes a pleasant process, free of stress and fuss. We come up with a wedding concept that reflects the style of your couple. We create a dream team and work on the wedding day, as a single mechanism. We take away the bride’s experiences and leave her only a magical expectation.


Thousands of Decoration Options

Why is the wedding only with MegaDay?


Our team consists of hundreds of events proven professionals in the wedding industry. They know all the nuances of the process of preparation and conduct, because they themselves were part of many weddings. These are true dreamers on the one hand, and meticulous professionals on the other.


At the first meeting, we tell in the most detailed and honest way what we will face during the preparation for the wedding, how to correctly calculate the event budget, which venues are better and have significant advantages, and which disadvantages. Where and what pitfalls are waiting for you and what stages are ahead


The most important principle of work is the transparency of estimates. You understand the distribution of costs at each stage of preparation. We make up all possible expenses, show the original of all prices without "invisible" markups. Our task is to make an unforgettable event, and not increase the estimate


There is no thing to which we would be more kind. The atmosphere is that invisible thread that is responsible for the whole mood of the holiday. This is the most elusive attribute of the event, but the most elaborated by us. And we follow all aspects of the atmosphere - whether it is the first musical composition playing in the background when guests meet, or the font of the text on the seating plates. It is these details that create the magic of an unforgettable event


Each of our events is special. This is the main rule of the company. And his budget is not important. We love to create and see your faces full of love and happiness. We have our own approach to each client. For everyone - we come up with new scenarios and ideas, look for new places for ceremonies and artists, design and selection of all accessories. And all this, based on your preferences, which we will carefully study


We pay special attention to contractors and contractors. Indeed, a lot depends on them. We work only with the most reliable partners who provide quality services, and are fully responsible for their work and implementation time. Each host or decorator is a contractor in whom we are fully confident, the work of which we saw, was enthusiastic about, and it was fully consistent with our vision


Perfect organyzation

Any scale

Services of The Wedding Organisation MegaDay

Development of the original idea of the whole event, a special style, design, components of the program and traditions, full development of the perfect wedding scenario!
Choosing the perfect venue for your wedding! We know almost all the most romantic places on the island. From budget places with ready-made arches to entire uninhabited islands!
Development of technical tasks for contractors and sites, preparation of all estimates, timings of payments and preparation stages, timing of the wedding day
Making a menu, organizing the purchase of alcohol, selecting personnel for service, working out the appearance in accordance with the concept of the event, sketches of cake and desserts, coordinating the presentation of dishes at the event.
Menu & Catering
Creation of a concept for the decoration of all key areas and coordination of preparation, rental of furniture and serving items for the project, coordination of installation and dismantling.
Decoration & Style
Preparation of timings, charts, checklists, logistics for the movement of all contractors, organization of headquarters, dressing rooms, staff nutrition, remounting of key areas, control of details, ensuring the comfort of guests
Development of the design and visual component of the wedding, the creation of individual invitations, the development of a set of printing- menus, guest cards, escort tables, signs. Interactive locations
Design & Printing
Selection of stage interactive and their development with the host, technical support, selection of props, selection of entertainment zones, interactive zones. Artists and speakers, show program and all the entertaining content
Interactive & Show
Scenario of a pre-wedding film, preparation and control of the filming process, post-production, video-thanks to parents, video clips, gifts from guests, creation of video screensavers, slide shows, vijing
Video Content
Tech. Equipment
Technical development, 3D modeling, lighting and sound equipment, light coordination, broadcast equipment, technical riders, effects, WIFI and charging stations, installation coordination

Charming Locations of

Phuket and Thailand

Wedding Preparation Process

First Meeting

This is where any preparation begins. Online or offline - but we need to understand what your interests, outlook on life, vision of the event and preferences are.

Contract & Obligations

The contract is an compulsory part of our joint work. The contract reserves your date of the event, and also guarantees the quality of our work and responsibility for the services provided.

Choosing the Venue

The most enjoyable, but time consuming part. We will tell, show, take photos and describe in all details all the amazing places that are ideal for the event of your dreams.

Bride & Groom Image Creation

Elegant selection of all the little things in your look. From boutonnieres to makeup shades. The best decorators, florists, stylists, makeup artists and other professionals of this sensitive art are at your service.

Style & Decoration

This is common for the whole event, invented by us and recreated by decorators. The shape of the chairs at the desk, the color of the tablecloth and flower arrangements, the font of the invitations and the beauty of the interactive zones. Absolutely everything that makes an impression on you and guests on this day.

Food & Beverage

Together with you, we will think through the entire menu of the evening - starting with a welcome drink and ending with a sweet table. Snacks and salads, hot dishes and canapes, a wedding cake and every drink on the table. This is a really important element, especially in Thailand.

Wedding Atmosphere

This is common for the whole event, invented by us and recreated by decorators. The shape of the chairs at the desk, the color of the tablecloth and flower arrangements, the font of the invitations and the beauty of the interactive zones. Absolutely everything that makes an impression on you and guests on this day.

Script & Content

We develop and offer all the options for filling the program - the registration ceremony, the exits of bridesmaids and best friends, the speech of the ceremonial master, traditions and ceremonies, host and DJs, show programs, flash mobs and live music and many other ways to make this charming day an unforgettable one.

Practice & Wedding Day

We practice the main points of the timing of the wedding day and discuss all the details. Rehearsal of the wedding allows you not to worry about such moments at the wedding itself.

On the wedding day, we are with you all day, starting from the bride’s gathering, ending with the departure of the last guest. Our main task is to make you feel comfortable and calm on your wedding day in order to consciously enjoy this day.


We continue to work hard on all the most important points after the event itself. Photo and video reports, resolving all issues with the restaurant, closing all estimates and controlling even the most insignificant moments. From stories on instagram to the lost buttons!


All accessories 

For a dream to come true

Prices & Packages 

We have developed everything to make your main day as cloudless and airy as possible. You can choose ready-made packages with a set of various options that are primarily necessary.


If you want to collect the necessary content yourself, we have provided the Platinum package. Everything in it is completely transparent - you yourself choose all the options you want. It’s just that the agency fee is added to the final estimate.

Only important things
Important and Atmosphere
Full and all you need



Save Up to 50%



Select your needs


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