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Exciting Quests for Children and Adults

Outdoor quest in reality at any place of Phuket!

Outdoor quests in Phuket is a new and interesting type of entertainment for children and adults of any age. They don’t need a specific place and can be held everywhere. They will allow you to experience any universe, get familiar with  strangers, or vice versa will create a truly fun event in your favorite company.


In case if:

- Your child is old enough for animation

- You want something special and interesting

- Always dreamed about quest and escape rooms held at your place

- You want to combine logical learning, active games and the experience of your beloved universe.


Then the outdoor quest is what you are really seeking for!

What is an Outdoor Quest?

Interactive Game

The developed and prepared scenario, which includes an investigation plot with interactive contests and tasks that guests should cope with and accomplish in certain period of time.

A story that became True

An exciting story about a favorite universe that players will experience. Each player has a role and they, as an actors performing on the stage, are passionate about the quest processes and details until the very end. Each game has its own goals: both general and personal.

Entertainment with Learning

Participants decide how to go through the plot. They do not repeat after the animator or presenter, but build their own strategy and way. Host/animators only coordinate the game, and players learn to work in a team, apply logic and ingenuity, solve puzzles and go to victory.


You can organize an outdoor quest almost anywhere in Phuket and beyond. In a restaurant, time cafe, in a playground or villa, in a condo or in an any open area. We can work with almost any place.


Quest is an ultramodern entertainment. We play games, we watch bloggers, we are aware of Internet memes and modern gadgets. Therefore, in quests we always speak the same language as the players using and understanding their slangs. Modern topics and striking props of puzzles - our credo!

Amazing Event

Quest - great entertainment for any occasion (birthday, graduation, corporate party, new year). It can be carried out separately, or combine the quest with an interesting show, a master class or even a disco. You will be able to select your unique options and we will take care of the whole organization!

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Text us so we will send you presentations of the most suitable quests

The Advantages of Our Quests


All of our themes and scripts are tested on hundreds of children and events. They have relevance, creativity and interesting plot.


A flexible tariff policy allows you to profitably purchase a quest for any company whether people of three or twenty. You can choose a convenient package, and with any option you will receive a full quest - actors, props and the number of contests will not change.



Almost any theme/plot can be held anywhere in Phuket - in a cafe, villa or outdoor area. In addition, we will advise several locations which will be perfectly suited for a particular quest.


We have been at Phuket market's leading position in children's events for three years already. Our employees have been working in this industry for over 10 years. And this means that we know how to make quality events.


We use high-quality props designed and created for the individual theme of the quest. We create it by ourselves and order from trusted masters from around the world.


We not only offer you already-prepared quests. We come to your area and add new tasks, depending on the place. We modify the scripts depending on the preferences of the birthday. We develop completely already-prepared quests from the topic you are interested in.


Select a Convenient Venue For Your Event

How is the Quest Going?

Choose a scenario

Out of all that we offer, or tell us which topic you would like

Choose a venue

Tell us about the venue, if you have already decided on it. Or we will offer locations from the ones we checked

Complete your event

With the many additional options - artists, artwork, special effects shows, piñata, candy bars, photographers and much more!

Choose a reward

We recommend adding final rewards to each quest - certificates, cups, sweet prizes or many other options offered by us

Preliminary preparation

Names and interests of participants and a preliminary inspection of the venue are all important elements



We need one or two hours in a day of the event to prepare all the props, lay out the zones and charge special effects. In case of role-playing quests, 30 minutes will be enough for us


Everything is ready! We can start the d-day!



We recommend adding a final ceremony to each quest in which memorable gifts will be presented to all the participants


Your celebration is coming soon?

Book your quest while there are still available dates!

Why exactly an outdoor quest?




Lots of happy faces of children and the most memorable vibes. Interest from the very beginning 'till the very end. After all, they feel a real adventure. Tested by hundreds of events!


Quest is not

an animation!

And this means the guys themselves decide which way they will go, how they will cope with tasks and how to get to the end. Quests are perfect for children over 6 years old, who already want to solve everything by themselves.


Free time

Of parents

While the children go through the quest, parents can relax. Or you can add an activity for parents - board games, interactive locations, host, etc.




In the absence of a venue for the quest, we will help you to select a location depending on your preferences and budget just for free.


Any day and

amount of participants

Think on how people go to quest rooms. A simple call to friends and the decision to go is made. In our quests, everything is exactly the same. You can organize it on any day and for any number of participants (*starting from 3).



Our games are absolutely safe and environmentally friendly, so are the whole props. Safety is the first thing we think about when creating any topic. All props and games are carefully checked


The worlds and

universes will alive

Unlike animation, the quest creates the complete atmosphere of the chosen theme. Music, plot, acting, dozens of high-quality tasks and thematic props. In the quest there is a real "immersion"


Education and training

Quests are made up of many challenges. Children will need to apply all their skills and knowledge in dozens of tasks. Starting from simple logic, ending up with general erudition and intuition


  • Where can I have a quest and what kind of area do I need?
    There are no strict requirements. We had quests in restaurants, cafes, children's clubs and playgrounds, open glades, saunas and game clubs, on the roofs of condos and villas, in townhouses and in the office. Almost any place is suitable. The main thing is that we must come in advance and think over everything.
  • What is needed for the quest?
    A place It can be a street, a loft, an apartment (several rooms), a villa, a restaurant, a playground, so that children can, without interfering with each other, move between themselves Surfaces (optional) To expand the props and make small stations. Time to prepare Before the quest begins, it will take us about 60 minutes to prepare. Socket The presence of an outlet or the ability to hold an extension cord Something else? Nothing more! The rest of the props and costumes come with the hosts.
  • What is included in the quest?
    1. Development and moderation of the script for your holiday - changing tasks and their order depending on the venue, changing and modifying the script depending on the interests of the participants. 2. Professional artists/host of the quest. - These are really host (not animators). Those who perfectly play the roles given to them, professionally approach the information presented and are able to improvise in any situation. All our host are either professional artists of events, or actors, or specialists in child psychology. 1 to 4 children - 1 host From 4 to 16 - 2 host From 16 to 24 - 3 hosts 3. High-quality themed props. We use only high-quality, thematic props designed for the scenario of the quest! It is created by the hands of craft masters, decorators and bootorers. 4. The quest itself. Duration from 1 hour to 3. It all depends on the scenario, the number of participants and the speed of solving tasks. IMPORTANT! the duration of the quest does not affect its value.
  • Is it possible to develop a quest for a specific event?
    Of course! We develop quests for any theme and events. If you think that the spirit of The beatles is close to you, we will develop a team building creative quest "Yellow Submarine". And if the birthday boy loves some kind of cartoon \ series \ movie - we will prepare a quest in this theme!
  • How long is the quest?
    It is almost impossible to answer. A quest is not an animation. The quest has a plot and certain tasks that lead to each other. Plus, the logic of tasks is different for everyone - someone solves faster, someone slower. The average duration of a children's quest is from an hour to two. Also, there is a format of role-playing quests in reality (An analogue of the "Mafia", just much more complicated) - in those the time reaches 3 hours. IMPORTANT! The cost of the quest does not depend on time. We offer a finished event, not a clock calculation.
  • Will it be hard or boring for the child during the quest?
    Each child enjoys the quest. The scenario implies either personal goals for each child, or goals for a group of children (depending on the scenario). Every child is interested in the process of playing and completing the quest. All our scenarios are specially designed for each age range, so that each participant is interested. The quest is based on a logical scenario, which is complemented by interactive tasks. Throughout the quest, the children will be coordinated by the facilitators, who will follow the process of passing the game, giving the children a choice of what to do according to the plot of the quest. Therefore, if the child is younger than the recommended age, then it may be more difficult for him to complete the quest, but host will help and tell you what to do. If the child is older than the recommended age for the quest, he will be interested, but the game itself will be faster and will seem easy to him, compared with the recommended age, although all children are unique and the recommended age is not a mandatory element for ordering a game recommended for his/her age.
  • Is it possible to add something to the quest to make the event more complete?
    Of course! Megaday specializes in children's events. You can add everything from our list of event organization to the quest. Piñata, soap bubbles shows, master classes, magicians, live music, cryo shows, snow shows, dance perfomances, fire shows, catering, cakes and much much more! Just contact us and we will find the perfect event for you.
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