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The Best Anniversaries In The Most Enchanting Places in Phuket

Organization of any events in Phuket

We are MegaDay!

We are a team of professionals in love with their job! Dreamers, optimists, thoughtful organizers, perfectionist decorators, charming presenters, energetic musicians, inspired artists of their favorite art, which is to give unforgettable emotions and moments of your life!


We create unique events, inspired by your emotions, desires, dreams and feelings! We do this with love and care, not missing a single detail, thinking through every little thing and carefully follow your requests. For each celebration, regardless of its level and budget, we approach it as a grand event of huge importance! Indeed, for you it is such.

Full turnkey organization of any events in Phuket:


The brightest pre-wedding event and

any girl’s dream!

The very day, which should be fulfilled with cherished desires



Happy Birthday


We know how to celebrate the anniversary of your beloved with dozens of original ways!


Almost like in Las Vegas,

and no less legendary!


Bachelor Party


Special dates in the circle of important and dear people in the palm of the whole world!

Special Dates

We value all the important moments of your life. If they are associated with family and religious traditions, we will treat them extremely with love


Religious Occasions


Meetings at the airport, VIP escort, excursions and tours, villas and yachts, private trips, and other exclusive services


If there is no occasion type in the list, just contact us and we will find a way

to make this happen

Private Occasions


Thousands of Decoration Options

Why Your Event With MegaDay?


Our team consists of event field professionals verified by carrying hundreds of events. They know all the nuances of the preparation and conduct all the process, as they themselves were part of many events. They are the real dreamers and serious scrupulous professionals at the same time.


There is no thing to which we would be more tolerant. The atmosphere is the same invisible thread that is responsible for the whole mood of the event. This is the main attribute of the event, and the most elaborated by us. And we follow all aspects of the atmosphere - whether it is the first musical composition playing in the background when guests meet, or the font of the text on the seating tables. It is these details that create the magic of an unforgettable event.


At the first meeting, we get familiar with the occasion of the holiday, learn everything that is possible about the host of the occasion and develop a unique idea. After coordination, we tell you as much as possible what you will encounter during preparation, how to correctly calculate the budget, which sites have significant advantages, and which disadvantages. Also, we maintain complete privacy always and everywhere.


Each of our events is special. This is the main rule of the company. And your budget is not important. We love to create and see your faces full of happiness. We have our own approach to each client. For everyone we come up with new scenarios and ideas, look for new venues and artists, design and selection of all the decorations. And all that is based on your preferences, which we will carefully study


The most important principle of work is the transparency of estimates. You understand the distribution of costs at each stage of preparation. We make up all possible expenses, show the original of all prices without "invisible" markups. Our task is to make an unforgettable event, and not increase the estimate


We pay special attention to contractors and executors. Indeed, a lot depends on them. We work only with the most reliable partners who provide quality services, and are fully responsible for their work and time schedule. Each host or decorator is a contractor in whom we are fully confident, the picture

which we imagine will be fully consistent with our vision


Perfect Organisation

of Any Scale

Event Organisation Services:


Classic Event

Full organisation of classic events in Phuket. Invitation of guests, decoration and catering, logistics and transfer, show program and artists, filling, locations and decor, design and printing, riders and documentation, estimates and technical tasks. And much more, in the classical sense of the word "event".


Original events

We are a team full of spirit of art and creativity. That is why we are famous for original projects in Phuket. Arrange an abduction in a crowded city? Climb out the window with flowers? Surprise dinner on the beach? Arrange a quest in the morning like in the film "The Hangover"? Send the whole company to Macau or arrange a surprise safari? All this is real!


Quests and Adventures

With occasion and without, we can arrange for you the most incredible adventure on the island. We know the local entertainment market in  restaurants and excursions, skydiving, mysterious islands and go-karting arenas, laser tag, bungee jumping, extreme parks and much more! According to the occasion, we combine all this in a single line and guarantee you the most unforgettable emotions!


Tourist Services

Meetings at the airport, VIP escort, excursions and tours, villas and yachts, private trips, rental of entire islands, airplane flights and extreme adventures, private guides and photographers, boats and private beaches, transfer and car rental, private entertainment and all the variety of tourism in Phuket


Equipment Rent

We organize all the technical details of any event in Phuket. Lighting equipment, lasers, smoke / snow / steam engine, full sound equipment - speakers, mixers, microphones, racks, amplifiers, subwoofers, special effects, technical stations, fireworks, catwalks and stage buildings, light \ video \ sound operators , video equipment, interactive locations, everything for live broadcasts and streams, and much more!

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Show and Artists

Any additives to any event in Phuket. Musicians, hosts, DJ \ VJ \ TJ, live instruments, sand show, fire and light shows, magicians and circus performers, ethnic and modern dances, belly dance, freestyle, street art, artists and drawers and other bright performances of Phuket!




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