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"Magic In Moments 

       Event As Art"

“Hello, thank you very much for the holiday! Everything was super, and the children were delighted same as were the parents. Your actors are great! Thank you all and bravo!” - Victoria

About Us

Every Event is a Magic

Organization of absolutely any events in Phuket. Whatever your occasion is,  we will make it the best one on the island! A magical wedding celebration or a bright children's birthday, the opening of a new store or a medical forum, an island quest or a party for friends.

We believe that every event is magic. The magic of creating unforgettable moments of life. By investing in them all our feelings and skills, we are sure that you can achieve the most vivid and sincere emotions. We go through the impossible, we come up with the incredible and we love every event in all its details.

And all this is because, every event in your life is a tremulous moment in which you want to give loved ones and important people unforgettable memories. From the very first second of preparation, we also begin to “live” with this idea. Leaving your vision, we carefully take care of it, starting to create the perfect embodiment of the task. 

We know every step of this process and control this path in every detail. We are moving towards one common goal. Make a unique, cozy and grandiose event that none of the participants will ever forget. We fully believe in all our ideas and activities, and treat everyone with respect, giving all of ourselves.

We are Megaday, and we know that magic lies in the moments that we fill with happiness.

Want Unbelievable Birthday?

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   Dream about tropical wedding?

What We Do

What Do We Do?

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Need an epic corporate party?

Why is the event only with MegaDay?


Our team consists of hundreds of events proven professionals in the event industry. They know all the nuances of the process of preparation and conduct, because they themselves were part of many celebrations. These are true dreamers on the one hand, and meticulous professionals on the other.


At the first meeting, we tell in the most detailed and honest way what we will face during the preparation for the event, how to correctly calculate the budget, which venues are better and have significant advantages, and which disadvantages. Where and what pitfalls are waiting for you and what stages are ahead


The most important principle of work is the transparency of estimates. You understand the distribution of costs at each stage of preparation. We make up all possible expenses. Our task is to make an unforgettable event, and not increase the estimate




There is no thing to which we would be more kind. The atmosphere is that invisible thread that is responsible for the whole mood of the holiday. This is the most elusive attribute of the event, but the most elaborated by us. And we follow all aspects of the atmosphere - whether it is the first musical composition playing in the background when guests meet, or the font of the text on the seating plates. It is these details that create the magic of an unforgettable event

Each of our events is special. This is the main rule of the company. And the budget is not important. We love to create and see your faces full of love and happiness. We have our own approach to each client. For everyone - we come up with new scenarios and ideas, look for new places for ceremonies and artists, design and selection of all accessories. And all this, based on your preferences, which we will carefully study

We pay special attention to contractors and staff. Indeed, a lot depends on them. We work only with the most reliable partners who provide quality services, and are fully responsible for their work and implementation time. Each host or decorator is a contractor in whom we are fully confident, the work of which we saw, was enthusiastic about, and it was fully consistent with our vision


Just some video of our events


Just some of our customers


Just some of our customer's reviews

“Thank you, MegaDay Phuket for the beautiful BIRTHDAY party for my son!!!” - Irina

Upcoming News

Quests for kids and adults!

A vivid adventure that you will remember forever!

We will arrange a real quest for children and adults anywhere on the island!

Escape-room right in the room in your villa, city active urban quest, theatrical quest performance, murder mystery quest, team building adventure and much more!

Riddles, ciphers, codes, magic and gadgets only with professional and atmospheric equipment. 

Many thematic and ready-quest topics only for you and your friends!

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