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Online Quests

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Online entertainment for any age!

We are well aware that in the modern world it’s not always possible to use classic entertainment.

That is why we have developed many options in which you get lots of pleasure online!


Dozens of themes for the quest right at your house!

Online Quest

Online Quest - bright modern activity and maximum positive emotions! You will spend 10 minutes preparing it, and the quest itself is an interesting thematic action - up to three hours long!

Quest Preparation

You Contact us

Answer a few simple questions

Choose a theme out of more than 30 options

Chose the Forman (with or without animator support)

Within a max of 2 days we will prepare an exclusive quest for you

We bring you a magic box with envelopes

You hide the envelopes in the places indicated by us

At the appointee time you give your child a first envelope

Why is Online Quests?


You will spend a maximum of 10 minutes on the quest order


All preparation for the quest will take you no more than 30 minutes


More than 30 ready-made themes or the preparation of a completely new


Dozens of diverse tasks with quality props


We speak the same language with the child. Bloggers and streamers, minecraft and memes - everything will be in the quest!

Safety of process

Number of Participants

Everything is done remotely and you only need to pick up the box from the courier

From one participant to a whole bunch of friends! Unlimited!





Parents will be completely free for the duration of the quest! And this is up to three hours!

The quest is not an animation, so the prices are much lower. Although the animation is in it!

Delivery to Anywhere

Delivery to any area of Phuket! If desired, and throughout Thailand!

Detailed Video of The Online Quest


Bright animators

right at your place

Online Animation!

Online Animation is another great way to arrange a party for your child, if for some reason you cannot leave the house.

An online animation is virtual and not really different from normal. It also contains a plot course, bright animators, tasks, games and contests. The only difference is that all this happens on the monitor of the phone \ tablet \ computer.


On the one hand, there are some disadvantages - the number of outdoor games is slightly less, because you are limited in space.


On the other hand, thanks to the digital environment, a gigantic amount of new features is being added - augmented reality games, online crosswords and quizzes, quizzes and charades, games using music, pictures and videos in which up to 100 children can participate. And, most importantly - all the possibilities of a life online stream - children can play thousands of educational and active games online with their animators using their phones only!

Why is Online Animation?

Шоу и артисты



We can make the animation fully interactive. The child will participate in all games by him/herself!

No special equipment. Just phone, tablet or laptop


More than 30 ready-made topics or the preparation of a completely new


Dozens of diverse tasks and games in the most modern performance


We speak the same language with the child. Bloggers and streamers, minecraft and memes - everything will be in the animation!

Safety of the Process

Everything is done completely remotely.

Number of participants



Prices Availability

Any Corner of the Planet

From one participant to a whole bunch of friends! Unlimited amount!

Parents will be completely free for the entire animation!

Online animation is much cheaper than usual, because costs for it less!

Animation can take place in any city, country and even anywhere in the universe!


Quest and escape rooms with you friends at your home

Online Quest Games!

Online Gaming Quests - a bright form of entertainment for friends, family and even colleagues! Go with us on an enchanting journey right on the screens of your computers or phones!


You select a game scenario. Everyone gets their character and goals in advance. To achieve your goals, you will communicate with each other in a common online-cabinet via video link.


Our host will give you clues and guide you through the storyline. Solve tasks, get hints, bluff and reveal secrets. Funny communication will charged with a positive emotions!

Dozens of Scenarios

and Themes

Perfect for



Perfect for 

Company of





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